[POETRY] To the South African Youth fighting the Good Fight, From Ghana

By Moshood Balogum

Poet Moshood Balogun writes: “Greetings from Ghana… This is a poem I wrote in solidarity with the youth in South Africa  who’re doing the very necessary work of transformation and decolonisation.” Viva pan-African solidarity. 




To #RhodesMustFall, #TransformWits, #OpenStellenbosch,

all the movements, and to all the youth of South Africa

who’re fighting the good fight…



how wrong were they

to have imagined

-in their reverie-


they had sated you with some flimsy freedom


that they had blinded you

with a rainbow so unnatural,

so inharmonius


that with a buffer zone,

they had you fooled


and that the baton

from 1976

would forever lay on the tracks,

never to be picked up again?


…..how gravely wrong they were


to have thought


the tears of your ancestors,

the sweat of the Makeba’s, the Winnie Madikizela’s

and the blood of Bikos and the Sobukwe’s

were infertile

and would grow nothing!


…..and here you emerged

-from behind some illusory colours-

and woke them up

to the smell of rage:

rage, so righteous and dignified

in its justness.


Ignore (the) irritating sobs

of the privileged,

like they do your humanness


Cease their power over you.

Seize the power,

and use it the just way-

the way they know not how to.


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